Biomedical Engineering Application

The Biomedical Engineering program is a highly selective program. It will accept only the top 50 applicants into the program each year

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                                        We are now accepting applications for Fall 2018

Steps to apply to the program:

Apply to USF, Applicants must first be accepted and admitted by USF before applying to the program.
• Apply to the major as a high school senior
• Meet the following high school GPA (HSGPA) and SAT Math or ACT Math scores:

-  USF Admission’s weighted high school grade point average ≥ 4.00  

-  ACT Math ≥ 29 and or a SAT Math ≥ 710


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Upload Essay File:

Please write a one-half page essay regarding your interests in biomedical engineering (no longer than one page, Arial 11, one inch margins, and double space).

Questions may be sent to