Large Scale Data Analytics & Operations Research

Institute applied research in this core competency involves developing and applying techniques and methods to solve complex decision making problems in military settings, including analysis of alternatives, logistics, scheduling, etc. It also includes robust modeling and simulation for these sets of problems. This area of research encompasses both traditional operations research (including optimization and statistical analysis) as well as large scale data analytics using machine learning capabilities for predictive analytics applications.

USF Department of Industrial & Management Systems Engineering

Industrial Engineering (IE) and Engineering Management (EM) are the perfect fields of study for students interested in both the technical aspects of engineering and the management of resources for making improvements in processes and products.


Research areas offered in IMSE include the following:energy systems, healthcare systems, logistics, manufacturing, network optimization, and transportation systems. For more information, click here.
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Feature Project: Citizen Epidemiology

Enabling citizens to automatically classify genus and species of mosquitoes from Smartphone images via deep learning
Image of Mosquito data
Image of Mosquito data